Workforce Recalibration 2.0

On January 10, the government announced the re-implementation of the Workforce Recalibration Program and the creation of the Foreign Worker Employment Relaxation Plan as a measure to meet the needs of foreign workers.
Both matters were agreed upon in the Special Meeting on the Management of Foreign Workers chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
The Workforce Recalibration Plan ended last Dec 31 and will continue for one year, effective immediately.
For information, employers can apply for the recruitment of foreign workers through the RTK 2.0 program from January 27.

What is the Workforce Recalibration Program 2.0 (RTK 2023)?
The Workforce Recalibration Program is a special program to regularize PATI in this country as a foreign worker who is legally employed by an eligible employer subject to strict conditions decided by the Government through the Department of Immigration Malaysia (JIM) and Ministry of Human Resources (KSM). For this year, employers can apply to hire foreign workers through the RTK 2.0 Program from 27 January 2023.

Application Conditions

Authorised Sectors

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Agriculture
  4. Farming
  5. Mining & Quarrying
  6. Security Guard (Nepalese only)
  7. Services (Restaurant, Cleaning, Wholesale and Retail, Hotel, SPA, Golf Caddy, Island Resort, Foot Massage, Cargo Handling in the port/airport)
  8. Foreign Maids (New sector added)

Frozen Sectors

  1. Textile Business
  2. Goldsmith
  3. Barber
  4. Charity House
  5. Recycle

PATI Eligibility Requirements

  1. Have a valid employer
  2. Not in Suspect List and Black List
  3. PATI who have registered in the Rehiring Program and the 6P Program
  4. Have a travel document of the country of origin that is still valid for at least 18 months
  5. Have undergone health screening (FOMEMA) and certified (fit to work)
  6. Must be in Malaysia before 31/12/22

Application/Work Process Workforce Recalibration Program 2.0 (RTK 2023)

  1. Applications can be made through the website of the Immigration Department (JIM)
  2. Appointment data setting
  3. The employer is present with PATI
  4. Verification process
  5. If passed, approval by the Malaysian Immigration Department will be issued
  6. FOMEMA's health check is carried out
  7. If passed, the employer has to pay for Visa recalibration, PLKS, processing and levy
  8. After receiving final approval, the employer can print the PKLS
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